File Email to M-Files

Why file emails to M-Files manually when Zeroclik can automate and greatly reduce the time taken to file emails to M-Files. Zeroclik is an advanced Microsoft Outlook Addin designed to reduce the time taken to file email to M-Files.

Zeroclik Predictive Prompt to Save Emails to MFiles


  • Automatic and Predictive email filing for M-Files
  • Automatic email filing (with meta data). File the first email and subsequent emails will automatically file with the same meta data.
  • Batch file multiple emails to a project or matter.
  • Prompt to save sent messages with predictive filing suggestions.
  • Colour coded filing suggestions.
  • Save time entering M-Files properties
  • Quickly open a conversation view to related emails in M-Files
  • Multi Vault support
  • Easily Deploy common team settings with central management


Zeroclik is perfect for Lawyers, Accountants, Project Teams, Architects, Engineers, Customer Service departments.