Frequently asked questions

How do I auto save emails with Zeroclik?
Simply file the first email in any email conversation to the correct vault, class & key property combination and future responses and subsequent replies are automatically filed for you using the same filing criteria. Each message is attached to the conversation object so that it can be easily reviewed from Outlook.

Can I change the stored file name?
Yes, you can specify a custom file name template for both the saved email and the conversation object name.

Do you have a Sample Vault?
Yes, we have created a sample vault for automatic email filing based on the default M-Files sample vault. This enables a quick start if you want to explore the features of Zeroclik. You will find a link to the sample vault along with the download links. Please register your interest to obtain the download links.

Which properties are mandatory, and can I link Zeroclik to use existing M-Files properties?
In order for Zeroclik to automatically file emails certain alias values must be assigned within the destination vault. Provided you assign the relevant alias to each required object and property Zeroclik can work with your existing M-Files setup. The sample vault is based on the default M-Files sample vault where we have added the required objects and properties to enable automatic email filing. It is possible to use Zeroclik without the Contact and Company objects (these are optional).

How are duplicates handled?
If you try to file an email (or emails) that have already been added to the vault you will be presented with the option to ignore the warning and file all emails or have the option to file only new emails which are not already filed in the vault. If the email is filed or already exists in the vault it will be marked as filed within Outlook. Emails filed by colleagues are also marked as filed.

Zeroclik Network Deployment & Configuration
Zeroclik is supplied packaged as an MSI installer and can be deployed by group policy or simply by double clicking the downloaded MSI file.

Deploying a central configuration
To create a central configuration file you need to access the ADMIN functions of Zeroclik. If you don't already have access to the padlock icon in settings please contact us. Once in ADMIN mode you can save the current configuration to a file. This file can be placed anywhere on your network that is accessible to others. If you wish to provide this configuration to a group of users on the network create a text file called 'central_config_path.txt' - within this file place the location of the desired network configuration that you want the user to receive. Using this method you are able to create multiple configurations for different teams in your organisation and quickly get different users on the correct configuration for their department.

How do I become a Zeroclik reseller?
Please contact us to discuss how Zeroclik can help you win more business. In order to become a Zeroclik reseller you need to be an existing M-Files reseller.